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SSIT Members Named IEEE Fellows

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Three SSIT Members Named IEEE Fellows in 2005

  Three SSIT members were named  IEEE Fellows in 2005, the first year that SSIT served as an evaluating society for IEEE Fellow elections.
  Previously, when SSIT members were elected to IEEE Fellow grade it was in recognition of their work in fields represented by other IEEE societies.
  After a Society evaluating committee finishes its work, it makes recommendations for Fellow to the IEEE Fellow Committee, which recommends their list of candidates to the IEEE Board of Directors for final action. The IEEE Fellow Committee reviews the nominations and typically recommends Fellow status to a subset of those nominated. In 2005 all three of the Fellow candidates recommended by the SSIT evaluating committee were elected to Fellow grade by the IEEE Board of Directors.
  SSIT thanks Irv Engelson for his outstanding service as SSIT Fellows Committee Chair.
  The following three new IEEE Fellows were recognized for their work in the area of Social Implications of Technology.   

Dr. Luis Kun
IRM College, National Defense University
Vienna, VA U.S.A.
IEEE Society Memberships: C, EMB, SIT
Evaluating Society: SIT
Citation: For contributions to health care information infrastructure.

Prof. Michael Loui
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL U.S.A.
IEEE Society Memberships: C, CS, IT, SIT
Evaluating Society: SIT
Citation: For leadership in teaching of engineering ethics.

Dr. Swamy Laxminarayan (deceased*)
Idaho State University
Pocatello, Idaho U.S.A.
IEEE Society Memberships: C, COM, EMB, SIT
Nominating Society: SIT
Citation: For leadership in social and ethical implications to biomedical engineering.

*Dr. Swamy Laxminarayan died in September 2005 prior to the announcement of his election to IEEE Fellow status.

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